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Private institution «New Theater»

The address:

juristical: Zaporizhzhya, st. Sedova, 16

actual: Zaporizhzhya, PC ZTR (Sergey Sinenko st. 14, office 58)

for correspondence: 69017, Zaporizhzhya, st. Scientific city 20 / 28


Theater director

Vladislav Lebedev , тел: (+38050-180-51-30)

Artistic director of the theater

Svetlana Lebedeva

Chief Accountant

Irina Simonenko


E-mail mailing address — l0501805130@gmail.com

Site administrator — legvi@i.ua


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Ticket purchase options:
1. Buying a ticket at the box office of the shopping center «UKRAINE»

2. You can order tickets daily from 12:00 to 20:00 by phone : +380-50-180-51-30

3. Ordering tickets for all online performances registered in the system on the phone menu Playbill
You can ask all your questions by phone: +380-50-180-51-30