Premiere date 15 February 2014

A beautiful performance about love and freedom with the participation of Pierrot, Colombina, Harlequin and Kapokomiki will appeal to both adults and school-age children.

Young actors of the New Theatre, students of honored actors of Ukraine Viktor Goncharov and Nadezhda Stadnichenko, are involved in the performance based on the play by Yevgeny Tyschuk.

Режиссер – постановщик

Светлана Лебедева


Наталья Петэн-Ступакова


Евгений Станицкий, Богдан Рубан, Александр Мосийченко, Алексей Воротников, Тая Рыбалка, Дарья Деркач, Екатерина Быхова, Алина Татьмянина, Тарас Аврамец

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