Premiere date 10 November 2018
Duration in 2 acts, duration 2 hours

Moving from one state to another is a troublesome business… Especially for a single widow who has not only retained a good memory of her husband, but also has a very sexy appearance… And especially if this widow has a very persistent and ardent admirer. This admirer, alas, is not young … Can a gray-haired admirer win the heart of a charming widow and persuade her to refuse to move? After all, the feelings that she has for him are rather mixed …

The play was successfully staged on Broadway and in many European theaters. The dialogues of the characters resemble a brilliant jazz improvisation. Witty, extraordinary people talk about life, death and love. This fantastic duet turns into quarrels, revelations, dance and, of course, love. After all, life without love is meaningless and incomplete!


Светлана Лебедева


Юлия Прилуцкая


заслуженная артистка Украины Надежда Стадниченко

заслуженный артист Украины Виктор Гончаров

Дмитрий Московцев

Алексей Блинов

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