Premiere date 16 June 2019
Duration 2 hours 30 minutes with intermission

A love story set in fantasy, incredible circumstances. A sentimental performance with a touch of surrealism. The hero lives under the table, as in his own house. Here he has a kitchen, an office, and even a small garden. You can’t turn around in the under-table space, but there is enough space to sit down or slightly stretch your spine.

And if this table belongs to such a beautiful girl as the main character of the play, then you can envy this place of residence. The girl works at the table, and the under-table tenant cannot take his eyes off her slender legs. The characters, of course, fall in love, but various obstacles stand in their way…

The performance combines the comedy of the absurd, comedy of positions, fairy tale, lyrical melodrama. The surrealist Roland Topor created his work in the year of the death of his father, Abraham Topor. It was the father who became the prototype of the protagonist of the play, an intelligent gentleman with a romantic view of the world.


Светлана Лебедева


Светлана Лебедева, Владислав Лебедев, Евгений Славинский, Анна Вашенкова, Дмитрий Московцев

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