Premiere date 11 November 2016
Duration 2 hours 30 minutes, with intermission

The protagonist of this performance, 24-year-old Pablo, by the will of circumstances spent 20 years of his life with his father in the mountains, in solitude, in an exclusively male society. Having come under the care of his aunts after the death of his father, who prudently considered that now his place is not in the mountains, but in his home, in a normal human society, he, of course, does not want to change his usual way of life, for which he is not without reason and called “savage”. In order to adapt Pablo to unusual living conditions for him, teach him to read and write and basic ethical rules of behavior in society, the aunts hire a teacher. Margo is a smart and talented teacher. She is not afraid of the difficulties ahead of her, associated with the transformation of the “savage” into a man. But the trouble is that Pablo was brought up by his father in extreme hostility towards women. For him, any woman! – this is something almost diabolical, hateful to the core. That is why he meets Margot “with hostility”, obsessed with one desire – to get rid of her as soon as possible. But… Pablo is a young man, Margo is a young woman. And besides hate, there is also love in the world. A polysyllabic and winding, romantically sublime, and often comically funny path from fierce hatred to all-consuming love forms the plot outline of the play. The love story is raised to the level of a parable about the rebellion of a natural and feeling person against the cold rationalism of modern civilization. And as a result – the realization of a simple truth: the meaning of human existence can be expressed in three words: Life. Death and… Love


Светлана Лебедева


Наталья Петен-Ступакова

Дикарь Пабло

Евгений Славинский


Дарья Лебедева

Тетушка Матильда

Надежда Стадниченко (Заслуженная артистка Украины)

Тетушка Анхелина

Анна Вашенкова

Эусебьё, слуга

Дмитрий Московцев

Управляющий Ролдан и Профессор Ролдан

Владислав Лебедев

Хулио Ролдан

Алексей Блинов

Лулу Ролдан

Екатерина Якимец

Хосефина Ролдан

Елена Лебедева

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Вступительное слово перед премьерой спектакля от В. Лебедева
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