Premiere date 29 July 2023
Duration 2 hours 30 minutes, with intermission

At the Kaiser-Pfizer cabaret theatre in Berlin, actors try to perform a little-known play from the early 20th century by a well-known German author.

Andreas has gone off to war and is missing. Four years later, his fiancée Anna accepts the proposal of the factory worker Murk, with whom she is expecting a child. At the moment of the engagement, the missing soldier returns … And then there is the big red moon in the sky, which actively influences the characters and the course of the story…

The love story unfolds against the backdrop of a revolution erupting in the country and the world has become tragicomic, farcical and even absurd. On the one hand the “masters of life”, who profited from the war, and on the other, a soldier returning from the front, thrown by the war to the wayside… Does it ring any bells?

How does one survive in an era of change? How to find the main thing that will not pass by the real life? And most importantly: will love save someone?

Stage director

Vlad Lebedev

Video content

Gen LEGVI (=LaternaMAGICA Group=)


Oleg Kuznetsov

Oleksandra Perepolkina

Roman Savchenko

Alexander Lazutin

Arina Biryukova

Maxim Shcherbakov

Konstantin Kuzmin

Kateryna Kushkina

Elena Lebedeva

Maria Humenna

Mykhailo Nagy

Oleksandr Rudyk

Dmytro Yereshchenko

Andrii Kaperko

Polina Hodina

Photo by S. Lavrov
A shortened version of the video "Middle Ages"Vlada Lebedev for demonstration in the finale of the play performed by avtora
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