Playbill - New Theater


Due to the imposition of martial law in the country, theatrical performances have been suspended.

New dates for the performances will be announced in advance. All tickets you buy are valid.

Durect  of the «Новий Театр» Vladislav Lebedev

"Gopak - on the ground and in the sky" - a unique project of the "New Theater" and the Ukrainian Cultural Foundation

Convulsive comedy based on the stories of Alexander Kuprin (А. Куприн)

Tragicomic cabaret based on the play of the same name by Bertolt Brecht staged by Vladislav Lebedev for the 10th anniversary of the "New Theater"

Comedy based on the play by Tirso de Molina

Comedy based on the play by American playwright Murray Shizgal "Luv"

Richard Baer. Broadway comedy

Comedy based on the play by V. Mukharyamov "Thank you, Margot" (В. Мухарьямов)

Dramatic comedy based on the play by Lope de Vega

Comedy based on the play by Jean-Baptiste Moliere

New Year's musical comedy based on the play by Nikolai Mikhailov.

Comedy based on the play by William Shakespeare in 2 acts

Comedy. Jean-Jacques Bricoeur and Maurice Lasegue

Dramatic comedy in 2 acts based on the play by Alejandro Casona

August Strindberg. The story of a passion.

Maurice Maeterlinck. Christmas extravaganza in 2 acts

Sound-vision drama written by Vladislav Lebedev

Romantic story based on the play by Yevgeny Tyschuk

Лирическая комедия по пьесе Алексея Арбузова «Старомодная комедия»

Современная трагедия по пьесе Л. Розумвской

Surrealistic comedy based on the play "Winter Under the Table" by French playwright Roland Topor

Лирическая комедия по пьесе Л.Герша

Трагикомедия по пьесе Родиона Овчинникова

История любви Марины Цветаевой и Константина Радзевича. Поэтическая sound-vision драма

Моноспектакль по пьесе KLIMа

Комедия в жанре абсурда по пьесе Славомира Мрожека «В открытом море»

Драма по пьесе Брайана Фрила

Поэтическая драма в инсценировке Георгия Червинского по ранней лирике В. Маяковского

Drama of love. Based on the play by L. Zorin

Dramatic story of love and hate based on the play by William Shakespeare

Драма любви по пьесе Лионеля Гольдштейна.